A lot has been said on the nature of water, but the most stupefying phenomenon is that of the flood-tide and the ebb-tide. It is true that this manifests itself in various forms, however, it is caused by the Sun and the Moon... But the next day the tide never occurs at the same hour as the preceding day.”


                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Source: Historia Naturalis


 About Us

Tides ™ EXUMA® is a Swiss brand specialized in the creation of exclusive watches that allow you to detect the trend of the tides.
It is the first analogue nautical watch model that can be used on the wrist, inserted in the dashboard or on the steering wheel, or placed on the table.

Tides Exuma
Tides Exuma

Tides Exuma
Tides Exuma

Tides Exuma
Tides Exuma

Tides Exuma
Tides Exuma


By comparing the Exuma® dial, with its Pat patents. Pend. and Mod. Dep., with that of other mechanical, analog and especially digital tide clocks, the substantial difference in technical professionalism used for Exuma® stands out.


What makes Tides ™ Exuma® unique, in addition to the original and captivating design, is the inclusion in the dial of the exclusive Trident-shaped hand: the only indicator with a world-wide patent capable of indicating, in addition to high or low tide, the slack tides where currents are practically absent, the best time to dive.


Tides ™ Exuma® is indispensable for divers, surfers and boating in general all over the world, not only in certain geographical areas.

Therefore, a novelty never recommended so far is that it is sufficient to adjust it according to the tide indications of the place where you are using the nearest port time.


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